Monday birthdays can be tricky. I just returned from the beach in Florida and felt the need for low-key.  Spa day anyone?  Yes…. spent the day at the spa which led to reflection upon what this new year represents for me. 

Last year  I was accepted at UT Southwestern Medical School.  A proud moment and what I measured as my biggest accomplishment . Two weeks later I was notified that I couldn’t attend because I was neither a US citizen nor a resident. Ouch!  The one thing I worked for my entire life was snatched away in a matter of seconds.   My goals, my plans, my station in life….. felt like a huge failure. I shut off myself from friends , social media and public events.  Medical school was my life , and I refused to enjoy life without it.

And so, as I sit here on the day after my 23rd birthday , I have come to realize this:

The most important thing for me to do today is to LIVE ! NOT to have more clothes, shoes, purses, diplomas, friends, money, not even  family, job, or social approval.   I have everything I need today to have the best day of my life.   

A hope deferred makes the heart sick.

A desire fulfilled is the tree of life. 

Instead of putting my hope in things I think I want to have,  I am recognizing the extravagant blessings placed upon me that I already have in who I am.   

LVNG LARGE in true extravagance!




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