Running late for happy hour shouldn’t be the ONLY time you work up a sweat during your travel. Trust me, I’m no stranger to the struggles of staying fit and healthy while traveling. Here are 5 reasonable and easy to follow advices:



1. Plan to be Fit and Healthy.

A goal with no plan is just a wish. This means: 

  • Pack workout clothes and shoes.
  • Research workout deals in the area you are traveling. MINDBODY and Groupon are useful.

2. Create a mini workout plan.

The workout itself should not take more than 15minutes; you are on vacation after all! I recommend Push-ups (strength), sit-ups (core), and knees-up (cardio) .

3. Explore !

Sightseeing help keep active physically and mentally.

4. Have a Hearty Breakfast.

Starting the day with the right meal not only fuels the body with nutrients, it essentially sets the trend for the day and limits the likelihood to succumb to junk food. Save the carbs for later by opting for a healthy shake full of greens, minerals and proteins.

5. Sample, don’t Feast.

The best way to not overeat is simple: drink plenty of water and eat only when hungry and until full.


More importantly, wherever you go JUST have fun LVNG LARGE !

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