Imagine a place where the natural shades of green, flowery scenery, vivid blue skies, fresh air, and medicine come together to create a setting perfect  just for you…

Forest Grove is a place where wellbeing is celebrated in all its guises and the perfect destination for company weekend outings, family get-aways, spiritual retreats, honeymoons, and most of all rejuvenation.

This hidden paradise brings the promise of complete relaxation where you can  stay in a one-of-a-kind casita , visit a health professional, dine on the finest organic cuisine, enjoy uplifting music and engage in healthy discussions.

We believe in giving people the opportunity to reach their potential by using the mechanisms of optimal structures, food, water, resilient energy, and medicine.


Our engineer-compressed earth block are thermodynamic in nature and express energy that allows rejuvenation.

Food and water

Food grown in our farm triggers the right type of genetic signaling that causes our cells and organs to function uniquely to us at their optimal levels.


We seek to create an environment that is graced and bathed in healthy food , uplifting music , and powerful discussions


We use personalized lifestyle medicine by selecting appropriate and optimal therapies specific to the patient’s genetic content, to create a thriving environment.

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