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Healthy Skincare products I use: Dr. Bronner’s eucalyptus pure bastille soap, John Masters Organics Zinc&Sage Shampoo with Conditioner, Spectrum Organics virgin coconut oil unrefined, Go Prima Pit Paste natural deodorant.

Ever heard the saying “You are what You eat” ?  Well, what goes ON our body is just as important because it ultimately gets absorbed in.  Therefore, the healthier the skin the healthier the body. Love your skin today by cleansing and moisturizing it with the proper skincare free of the following toxic ingredients:


Parabens are synthetic preservatives that prevent skin care products from deterioration during storage. Sounds good right? Wrong, these toxic chemicals are absorbed by the skin,  into the bloodstream where they mimic the female hormone estrogen. Research now shows that parabens  are associated with increased risk of breast cancer. The worst part? They are everywhere! From makeup, body wash, facial cleansers, deodorants, lotions, food and even pharmaceutical products .

Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS)

SLS is an additive that allows cleansing products to foam. What’s the big deal? Although derived from coconuts, SLS is contaminated with 1,4 dioxane a toxic byproduct and carcinogenic during manufacturing. SLS has been linked to cancer, neurotoxicity, organ toxicity, skin irritation and endocrine disruption. Still, more than 90% of personal care, cosmetics, dental products and even cleaning supplies contain SLS. 


GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. These are created when a gene from one species is transferred to another, creating something…. well unnatural. It is estimated that over 70% of grocery store items contain GMOs.  You know what else? These foods are not regulated by the government AT ALL. A lot of the common ingredients we find in personal care products come from agricultural sources, hence GMOs in our beauty products! Studies have linked GMO products to asthma, allergies, inflammation, infertility, aging, to name just a few. Proceed with caution .

Artificial color/fragrance

Most manufacturers of cosmetics don’t believe artificial color/fragrance to be a risk because of small amount of cosmetic formulations, but what about long-term use?  The link between artificial color/fragrance and behavioral problems  is too apparent to ignore.  Many of these toxins and chemicals  are made of heavy metal salts which block pores, increase acne breakout, skin sensitivity, irritation and reproductive toxicity. Now why would anybody sign up for that?

Want to know if your beauty ingredients are harmful? Check out Skin Deep Cosmetics Database or download the Think Dirty app.

What are some Dallas-based organic skincare brands? I am trying to shop more local and would love some suggestions.

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