With all the hype surrounding “clean eating” right now, green is the new black. If you’re anything like me and easily crave bacon over salad, why not do both? Here is an easy and delicious salad recipe that will satisfy your taste buds without jeopardizing your diet.

Ingredients needed *

Romaine lettuce

2 slices of Black forest bacon

1/2 cup of sweet brown grape tomatoes

1/2 cup of raw peanuts

1/2 cup of purple grapes

1 tsp of virgin olive oil


  1. Start the bacon in a cold cast iron skillet, laying the strips before turning on a low to medium-low flame and cook until desired consistency is achieved
  2. In a salad bowl place the lettuce first then add all the toppings by layering them
  3. Drizzle the olive oil over the salad mix
  4. Enjoy… and pat yourself in the back for eating your greens!

*All ingredients purchased at my local Whole Foods market

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