Did you know most probiotic supplements are ineffective? Probiotics are pretty sensitive organisms (bacteria). They die quickly when exposed to heat and moisture. The ones that require refrigeration are dead by the time you make it home. IF somehow the bacteria make it alive, most are still killed by stomach acids before they can even make it to the intestine. 

So what’s the solution? Fermented Foods. As a natural, effective, and budget-friendly alternative, fermented foods play a big role in restoring gut flora. Hundreds of bacterial species live in our intestines. They help with digestion, immunity, metabolism, skin, you name it… and without them, we become predisposed to allergies, irritations, skin issues, chronic and autoimmune diseases (leaky gut syndrome) . 

Unfortunately, antibiotics overuse combined with poor diet choices often wipe out these beneficial bacteria . Therefore, re-introducing them in the microbiome is a very important step towards optimal health. Turns out, naturally raw fermented foods will do just that.  

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Ready to start Your Own Fermenting ? Here is How To!

If DIY is just not your thing, store-bought fermented foods are also a great option. Make sure  that 1) the label does not say pasteurized as pasteurization actually wipes out the cultures 2) The food is in the refrigerated section 3) The vegetables are organic and non GMO. While natto, miso, tempeh, tofu and soy sauce are popular fermented foods,  they tend to be heavily processed and contain genetically modified soy.

Probiotics Salad Recipe

lvnglarge probiotics salad recipe dallas health blogger

Superfood Greens


Medjool Dates




Fermented vegetables of choice 

Dressing: fermented vegetable juice + extra virgin olive oil.

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